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Dacheng Attorney’s Paper on Antimonopoly Law Wins Top Honor

On December 15, 2013, results of outstanding competition law papers written by China’s legal youths were announced by the Economic Law Association of China Law Society and the Competition Law Research Center of Peking University and it turned out a paper contributed by Dacheng partner Deng Zhisong was selected as one of the top ten papers, showing Dacheng attorney’s strength in both the theory and practice of antimonopoly law.
The papers were reviewed by antimonopoly lawmakers, scholars and practitioners from the National People’s Congress, the Supreme People’s Court, National Development and Reform Commission, the State Administration of Commerce and Industry, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Renmin University, China University of Political Science and Law and University of International Business and Economics on a two-way anonymity basis.
On December 15, 2013, the Internet, Price and Competition Law Forum was held by the Competition Law Research Center of Peking University. Well-known scholars in competition laws, legislators, enforcement officials and judiciary officials on antimonopoly and anti-unfair competition, business leaders, industry experts and antimonopoly law practitioners gathered to discuss issues such as regulation on resale price maintenance, definition and demarcation of markets on the Internet and regulation on unfair competition practices on the Internet.
Attorney Deng Zhisong was invited to the forum and delivered a keynote lecture on damages calculation in anti-unfair competition cases, which was commented by Yi Jun, deputy director of Intellectual Property Court of the First Intermediary People’s Court of Beijing. Mr. Deng also exchanged ideas on antimonopoly law with officials and experts from the three major antimonopoly enforcement agencies in China and the advisory panel of the Antimonopoly Committee of State Council.