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Banking and finance

Practice areas

Banking and finance has been one of Dacheng's traditional strengths since the firm’s inception. Dacheng has delivered specialized...

Banking and finance has been one of Dacheng's traditional strengths since the firm’s inception. Dacheng has delivered specialized and comprehensive legal service for a large number of banks and non-bank financial institutions domestic and abroad, expanding experience and client base in the sector along the way. With an in-depth understanding of applicable PRC and international laws, regulations, transaction rules and conventions, as well as rich local experience and a global insight, Dacheng has advised clients on numerous complex financial deals. These clients range from commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, trust companies, finance companies to funds, other financial institutions and government agencies. Dacheng has also formulated standardized texts concerning bank regulations, insurance products, trust products and a variety of loans. As a leading advisor in finance, Dacheng has been pursued by banks funded by Chinese capital, joint-venture banks, subsidiaries or branches of foreign banks, insurance companies, trust companies, finance companies, auto finance companies and financial leasing companies.

Key services in this area include:

l  General outside counsel for financial institutions

l  Compliance, risk identification and risk control system building

l  Drafting, revision and review of standardized documents for financial business

l  Commercial loans, policy-backed loans, syndicated loans, import and export credit, project financing, real estate financing and other forms of trade financing

l  Financial leasing in domestic and foreign markets

l  Setting up banks and non-bank financial institutions

l  Market entry, shareholding and inbound investment of foreign-invested financial institutions

l  Founding of commercial banks, letter of credit business and a variety of bill business

l  Trading futures, options and other derivatives

l  Non-performing assets disposition, debt and assets restructuring, investment and M&A for financial institutions

l  Reform, bankruptcy and liquidation of financial institutions

l  Shareholding reform of urban/rural credit cooperatives and rural micro-credit institutions

l  Incorporation and governance of insurance companies, design of management incentive plans and employee stock option plans

l  Legal support for new insurance products and legal analysis for the localization of imported insurance products

l  Use and management of insurance funds

l  Pledge of insurance policies, settlement of insurance claims and insurance recovery

l  Private financing, M&A and subordinated debt issue of insurance companies

l  Representing insurance companies in dispute litigation and arbitration, particularly concerning maritime risks, overland transportation risks, aviation risks, hull insurance, comprehensive logistics risks and general average

l  Advising on the incorporation of trust companies and management

l  Incorporation, management and M&A of financial companies

l  Financial innovation-related legal matters and relevant dispute resolution