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Intellectual property

Practice areas

Intellectual property is one of Dacheng’s key practice areas for which Dacheng is a qualified trad...

Intellectual property is one of Dacheng’s key practice areas for which Dacheng is a qualified trademark and patent agent. Dacheng’s IP attorneys have both solid training in IP laws and cross-disciplinary work experience, many of whom are also certified patent/trademark attorneys. A combination of rich practical experience and sufficient professional knowledge makes it possible for Dacheng’s attorneys to provide optimized solutions for IP rights protection in a bid to enhance clients’ core competitiveness. The IP counsel Dacheng is able to deliver is both wide-ranging and in-depth, catering to both domestic and foreign clients. Specifically, our service covers both traditional and non-traditional subject matters, such as patent, trademark, copyright, anti-competition, domain name, e-commerce, internet-based dissemination, franchising, audio-visual products, media and other cultural products. 

Key services in this area include:

Patent and trademark

l  Mapping out corporate patent strategies, risk diagnosis, analysis of corporate patent strategies and patentability review

l  Patent application at home and abroad, reexamination of patent application, invalid patent application, patent litigation, patent licensing, pledge and transfer

l  Corporate trademark strategy planning, diagnosis and trademark management planning

l  Advising clients on trademark application, trademark search, trademark research, trademark administrative review, determination of well-known trademarks and trademark-related  proceedings

l  Advising clients on other patent- and trademark-related matters

Copyright and integrated circuit layout design protection

l  Representing clients in copyright ownership litigations and ownership transfer litigations, as well as matters relating to neighboring rights and copyright licensing business

l  Advising clients on copyrights of books, newspaper and periodical publications, plays, sound recordings and videos, choreography, television broadcast, etc.

l  Advising clients on matters related to database, computer software development and use, internet communications, etc.

l  Representing clients in applying for integrated circuit layout design registration, protection and related infringement actions

Information network, domain name and e-commerce

l  Representing clients in domain name registration and other internet-related registration as well as proceedings concerning rights to internet dissemination and internet-based database

l  Representing clients in proceedings related to domain squatting, internet-based company name and domain name

l  Representing clients in e-commerce-related planning and dispute settlement

l  Advising on other matters such as internet copyright, database technology protection, right management information, domain name and e-commerce


l  Advising clients on policy and legal matters concerning franchise and franchise system design

l  Representing clients in examining the qualification, credit, and store performance of franchisors and franchisees

l  Drafting and revising legal documents on franchise

l  Representing franchisees in filing with administrative agencies

l  Representing clients in disputes related to franchise contract execution, trademark infringement and anti-competition disputes brought by third parties

Anti-unfair competition and trade secret

l  Representing clients in anti-unfair competition proceedings involving counterfeiting registered trademarks, counterfeiting registered names, packages and decoration of famous brands

l  Representing clients in anti-unfair competition proceedings involving misleading information

l  Representing clients in anti-unfair competition proceedings involving practice of restricting competition and overcharge of fees

l  Advising clients on trade secret protection and trade secret infringement proceedings