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Dispute resolution

Practice areas

Dacheng has one of the best dispute resolution practices among China’s full-service firms. Quite a...

Dacheng has one of the best dispute resolution practices among China’s full-service firms. Quite a few partners work as arbitrators for Hong Kong International Arbitration Commission, China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, Beijing Arbitration Commission and other local arbitration centers. Dacheng’s dispute resolution team is particularly adept at handling litigation, arbitration and cases involving compulsory enforcement and emergencies, having advised clients home and abroad on numerous important, complicated and influential cases covering all legal fields, be it civil, commercial or administrative. Dacheng’s dispute resolution attorneys have constantly been winning awards, including an ALB “Top 10: China’s Best Litigators” award for 2013, among others. One of our attorneys is appointed as special supervisor and charged with the mission to oversee Beijing’s court system by the High People’s Court of Beijing.

Key services in this area include:

Domestic litigation and arbitration

l  Pre-trial investigation and discovery 

l  Property preservation

l   In-court representation

l  Compulsory execution of effective orders

International litigation and arbitration

l  Representing clients to litigate in foreign jurisdictions (by coordinating with Dacheng’s overseas attorneys)

l  Representing clients in international arbitration

l  Compulsory execution of effective orders (including the recognition and enforcement of orders issued by foreign arbitration agencies)

Negotiation: alternative dispute resolution

l  Devising negotiation plans

l  Representing or assisting clients in negotiations

l  Drafting and reviewing negotiation agreements

l  Representing clients in executing negotiation agreements