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Dentons Lawyer Successfully Defends Client against Crime of Offering Bribes

On January 1, 2017, Dentons Beijing Litigation Partner Jiang Yunning was retained to represent Ren, a suspect for offering bribes on behalf of his employer. Ms. Jiang found that this case was complex and had the many entangled issues.

First of all, this case involved a relative huge amount of money offered as a bribery, which resulted in strict requirements on meetings between the defendant and Ms. Jiang, such as applying for permission from the investigating authority before the meeting. Secondly, since this case was related to another bribery acceptance case which drew great attention from the local Commission for Discipline Inspection, authorization for designation of jurisdiction from the provincial procuratorate or the provincial people's court was needed in each stage of the legal proceedings of this case. This could not only slow down the handling of this case, but also make it hard for the defendant to receive appropriate punishment and return to society as early as possible. Furthermore, after reviewing the case files and detailed discussion with the client, Ms. Jiang found that it was possible to get a light punishment for the client, as Ren voluntarily surrendered himself, confessed the details, and did not play a major role in the bribery case.

In face of the above problems, by applying for permissions from the competent authority in advance and communicating with all the relevant officials in a timely and effective manner, Ms. Jiang successfully expedited the process of the prosecution and trial.

By virtue of Ms. Jiang's efforts, the court of first instance applied the summary procedure. It only took 23 days for the whole process, from the acceptance of this case to the verdict of the court of the first instance. Finally, the court adopted our lawyer's opinion and ruled that Ren shall be sentenced to suspended jail sentence. The client was satisfied with the verdict and our service.