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Bin Xiang
Position: Senior Partner
Office location:Shenzhen

Education Background
1983: Undergraduate at Department of Law of East China University of Political Science and Law
1992: Postgraduate at Anhui University
Work Experience
1987: Taught law courses at Anhui University after graduation
1997: Shenzhen Tangren Law Firm
2004: Guangdong Yishang Law Firm
Relevant Quality
Practicing lawyer
Professional Fields
I am good at company legal affairs, including corporation acquisition, shareholding reform, company listing, etc., and skillful in lawsuit, e.g. handling disputes of contract for construction project, etc.
Working Language
Chinese, English
Social Activities
Participated in the activity of “Lawyers in Community” organized by Shenzhen Lawyers Association.
Participated in the trainings for lawyers organized by Shenzhen Lawyers Association.

Representative Academic Dissertations
“The Comparative Research into the Chinese Law Culture and the Western Law Culture”, published in Tribune of Political Science and Law
Representative Cases/Projects
Reputation infringement suit of Shenzhen Sundan Chain Co., Ltd. against Yangcheng Evening News
Construction dispute of the office building of Jieyang Branch of Agricultural Bank of China.
Representative Customers
Shenzhen Branch of Tongling Non-ferrous Metals Company
Shenzhen Sundan Chain Co., Ltd.