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Andy Wang
Position: Partner
Office location:Shanghai
Phone:+86 21 2028 3930
Fax:+86 21 5878 6866

Andy Wang joined Dentons Law Offices in 2012.
Andy obtained his Bachelor of Laws Degree in Laws from the East China University of Political Science and Law in 2000. He is admitted as a qualified lawyer in the PRC. Andy speaks Chinese and English fluently.
Andy used to work for Pinsent Masons LLP and Ingersoll Rand for many years. In addition, as a secondee, he worked at Siemens for two years. He specialises in foreign/outbound investment, compliance, regulatory advisory in the healthcare industry and advises on both transactional and contentious issues.

Bachelor, East China University of Political Science and Law

Healthcare / Life Sciences
Foreign Direct Investment
Mergers & Acquisitions

P. R. China


Representative Experience
Healthcare / Life Sciences
Represented a healthcare MNC in dealing with AIC on an investigation case (ended with a satisfactory result)
Advised Siemens Healthcare on the Shanghai proton & heavy ion project (for cancer treatment) including contracts management, radiation issue, clinical trial and registration, claim management, interfacing issues in operation etc.
Advised Siemens Healthcare on legitimacy and compliance of certain proposed new business models
Provided daily legal support to Beckman Coulter (an American IVD manufacturer) and advised on legitimacy and compliance of promotional plans
Advised Haemonetics on regulatory compliance programs
Advised Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (an IVD manufacturer, a business spin-off from Johnson & Johnson) on legitimacy and compliance of certain proposed business models
Provided daily legal support to Danaher (an American corporation investing and managing portfolio businesses mostly in the healthcare industry) and developed model terms of distribution agreement for its business sectors in China
Advised DeltaHospital on its daily operation and large medical device procurement, and legitimacy and compliance of certain promotional plans
Advised Leica Microsystems (a microscopes manufacturer) on distribution agreement and daily operation
Advised Avellino (a Korean and US based DNA testing service provider) on establishing its DNA testing business in China (regulatory affairs, business model adoption, cooperation with labs and distributors, WFOE establishment, trademark registration etc.)
Advised Kavo-Sybron (a dental device manufacturer) on using the business model of ODM
Advised Kavo-Kerr (a dental device manufacturer) on its Suzhou plant construction contract
Advised RadioMeter (an acute care testing device manufacturer) on health data collection and use issues and its daily operation
Advised HOYA (an intraocular lens manufacturer) on its distribution in China
Advised SYSMEX on its distribution in China
Advised an internet+ healthcare startup on its daily operation, compliance and financing
Provided compliance training to VIVA, a subsidiary of URGO (a French healthcare group)

Mergers & Acquisitions
Advised a Chinese seller in selling its dispensing equipment business to Mycronic (a Sweden listed co.)
Undertook due diligence exercise on a Hong Kong invested printing company on behalf of an Austrilian printing group
Undertook due diligence exercise for 3 wastewater treatment projects on behalf of Suez, a French water company
Advised an Australian engineering company on the acquisition of four engineering design companies in China
Advised Wal-Mart on the China business restructuring and post spin off integration in relation to the project of sale of Wal-Mart and Asda owned property development company - Gazeley to a Dubai Government investment vehicle
Advised an European company on the acquisition of a set top box business in China, in particular on the issue of employees transfer in connection with the transaction
Advised Ingersoll Rand on the buyout of a Chinese partner's equity interest in a joint venture
Advised Ingersoll Rand on the local integration following the sale of the construction vehicle business to Volvo
Undertook due diligence exercise on

Foreign Direct Investment & Infrastructure
Advised Ingersoll Rand on the Asia Pacific industrial campus project (in Wujiang, Jiangshu Province) and China business restructuring including site selection, terms negotiation, site acquisition, risk analysis, feasibility study, structuring, company establishment, and relocation etc.
Advised Ingersoll Rand on its dispute with a JV Chinese partner and options on exit from and dissolution of the JV enterprise
Advised a Japanese infrastructure fund on overview of the water tariff and concession in China and the acquisition of a water plant in Fujian province
Advised Sino-French on the issue of secondary water supply in China
Advised Suez Environmental on the business model to invest in Chinese water saving industry
Advised BENE on close-down of its Shanghai subsidiary
Advised SEI on its JV dispute with its Chinese partner and judicial dissolution
Advised John Cotton, a UK textiles manufacturer, on its business cooperation model and agreement with Chinese suppliers
Advised Sevan, an Europe oil drilling manufacturer, on import & export issues for an offshore oil drilling platform construction project
Advised Husky Products, a UK refrigerator supplier, on cooperation disputes with Chinese suppliers
Advised a stated owned property developer on financing its real estate development projects

Regulatory Requirements & Compliance
Advised SkyScanner on ICP related issue
Advised Stone & Webster, a US construction engineering company, on China health and safety requirements and provide strategic advice in dealing with construction accidents at nuclear plants
Advised Mark Sensing, an Australian print and paper company on production license issues, also, communicate on its behalf with AQSIQ in relation to compliance issues
Carried out due diligence exercise on Siemens’ cooperated intermediaries for compliance purpose
Provided staff training in relation to PRC law update, code of conduct and FCPA at Ingersoll Rand
Undertook investigation on suspected violation of code of conduct for International Paper

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