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Dacheng Office Comfort the Relatives of Beloved Hero

A hero who touched the hearts of an entire nation has passed away. In 1992, Hainan province coast guard Wang Yadi stepped in to intervene when, on his way home from work; he came upon a break-in and was stabbed repeatedly by two robbers. Later, when he fell ill and was hospitalized, Hainan province Party Secretary Wei Liucheng, Governor Luo Baozhuan, and people from all over the community expressed their concern and offered their assistance, unfortunately, the outpour of love was not enough to save the hero’s life.
Dacheng Law Firm Haikou Office manager Tang Shanghou followed the reports of Wang’s story closely, wondering how he could help lessen the hero’s worries and take care of his last wishes. What could he do for the hero’s family? He thought for a long time. When Tang found out Wang has a young son, he decided immediately to find a kindergarten for the hero’s descendent, and take care of the costs of his enrollment.
On the morning of November 10th, when people from all walks of life were saying goodbye to the hero, Senior Partner Tang was contacting Hainan Mountain High Kindergarten about enrolling Wang Xin. When the kindergarten heard that Wang Xin is the son of the beloved hero, they immediately offered to accept him free of charge, as to also show their support to the child and his family. That afternoon, Senior Partner Tang and the superintendent of the kindergarten visited the home of the hero, bringing little Wang Xin a backpack, school supplies, and kindergarten uniforms.
Diseases are heartless but people are not. At Hainan Island where there is no winter, people felt not only the warmth of nature, but Dacheng also brought a little human warmth for the fallen hero.