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Dacheng Zhengzhou Office Hou Wenfeng Lawyer Braves Cold and Illness to Bring Law to Countryside

On November 4th, 2009, by the invitation of PRC Henan Province Standing Committee, Committee for Internal and Judicial Affairs,Dacheng Zhengzhou branch office sent lawyer Hou Wenfeng to Zhengzhou Gongyi City, Zhitian Town, Donggou Village, a major model village of the New Rural Construction project, to bring law to the countryside. At the time, Hou was ill, but he did not tell anyone and gladly accepted the assignment. After careful preparation, Hou braved the cold and his illness, hurried to his destination.
Despite the cold weather, Bringing Law to the Countryside program location was busy and lively. Hou used specific cases to elucidate laws on marriage, inheritance, consumer rights, and criminal laws, and other issues related to the farmers lives, using simple language to explain profound concepts. He also preached the basics of crime prevention, crime fighting, and protecting their rights, raising the farmers’ consciousness of the law, both in terms of obeying it and utilizing it, and was very well received by the officials of Gongyi City, Zhitian Town, Donggou Village, as well as the general public.
Associate Hou is energetic and enthusiastic in his work and active in community service. Many times, he took part in efforts to improve the legal protection for farm workers, women, children, and other vulnerable groups, caring for left-behind children in rural China, and bringing law to the countryside. In doing so, he gives back to the community gifts of his passion and wisdom.